Digitalisation: Ready for a digital spurt


The State Treasury was commissioned by the Ministry of Finance to investigate between August and December what kind of measures could be taken to improve digitalisation and increase productivity in central government administration.

Based on the analysis of the development suggestions, the State Treasury presents 34 action entities with which significant effectiveness and productivity benefits can be achieved in central government. The final report was completed on 18 December 2015 and was handed over to Minister Anu Vehviläinen on 12 January 2016.

The final report is published in Finnish and can be accessed here.
Read the English summary here.


The State Treasury D9 Team will begin its work in full force this March when the team will have eight members. The D9 Team members work as internal advisers at the State Treasury. They speed up the digitalisation of public services by providing support and expertise in the carny through of digitalisation projects.

Published 2016-01-13 at  9:38 , updated 2016-01-13 at  9:38
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