From procurement to payment

The process area ‘From procurement to payment’ covers the planning and preparation of procurements, the calls for procurement tenders, and contracts management from drawing up contracts and placing orders to monitoring contracts and to processing expenditures, which also includes debiting. The process entity From procurement to payment has been described in the process chart for central government financial administration and HR (in Finnish), in addition to which the detailed process descriptions for expenditure processing can be read here (in Finnish) >

The From procurement to payment process area has been outlined as a key area of development in the Government Financial Administration Strategy (in Finnish), as it is possible to achieve significant advantages in productivity by improving the practices in this process area. The automation of the From procurement to payment process has also been included in the Government Programme. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the steering and the development of procurement in central government through, for example, the Government Procurement Strategy ( The task of the State Treasury is to develop procurement in central government through guidelines for the From procurement to payment process as well as by developing the order management service and, on the other hand, also the reporting in central government financial administration to support the monitoring of procurement.

Good practices in the From procurement to payment process

The State Treasury implemented a project (HAMA) to develop the process area From procurement to payment in cooperation with the accounting units, Palkeet and Hansel between 2014 and 2015. One of the results of this project were the published guidelines in best practices for the From procurement to payment process (in Finnish), which accounting units are recommended to apply when developing their practices. Central areas of development in the accounting units comprise the development of financial planning practices, the analysing of procurements, the automation of expenditure processing as well as the centralisation of the tasks in both procurement and expenditure processing.

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