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Finnish government agencies and institutions no longer receive invoices on paper. If you do not have accounting software with an e-invoice function, you can use the online e-invoicing service currently provided by the government free of charge when invoicing a Finnish government agency. You can log into this service via this link:

Instructions for portal use and contact information for the helpdesk can be found on the website. Before you start to use the Basware Supplier Portal, you are required to register for the service. When registering, you can find the government agencies in the customer selection (Add Customer(s)) under Central government organisation (Valtionhallinto-organisaatio).

If you are unfamiliar with e-invoicing, you can learn more at TIEKE, the Finnish Information Society Development Centre website at

Check the e-invoicing addresses of government agencies here >

Finnish Government requests invoices as e-invoices

Finnish government agencies employ an electronic financial administration and purchase invoice processing system.  Electronic financial administration yields its greatest benefits when e-invoices are used, reduces the number of mistakes, introduces process savings and enhances the efficiency of invoice processing. E-invoices enable such things as process automation in purchase invoice processing and payment.  The processing costs for one e-invoice are one-third of the cost for a paper invoice.

The Government Programme of the Finnish Government requires organisations to switch to e-invoices. Achieving the targets set in the Government Programme requires e-invoicing, which makes it possible to automate the handling of expenditures through the entire handling process. This will have a significant effect on increasing cost efficiency in central government's financial administration and on reaching the savings targets. Sufficient information content is required in e-invoices, and the information content of e-invoices also makes it possible to carry out the automation process.

The Finnish Government aims to receive 95 % of all invoices as e-invoices by 2017. Invoices sent as pdf documents attached to an email are not e-invoices. Central government will not accept invoices via e-mail. During 2012–2019, OpusCapita Group Oy will act as central government's e-invoicing service provider. Central government will not sign contracts on receiving e-invoices with any other service provider.

Reports by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services on the environmental impact of e-invoicing

The Federation of Finnish Financial Services has investigated the environmental effects of e-invoicing and automating financial administration. According to the report, an e-invoice is on average four times more climate friendly than an invoice on paper. By switching to e-invoicing you contribute to saving the environment.

The Federation of Finnish Financial Services (2015): Study report of the Climate impact of accounting automation:

If necessary, you can request more information about e-invoicing from your customer agency.

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