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If you do not have accounting software with an electronic invoice function, you can use the online electronic invoicing service currently provided by the government free of charge when invoicing a Finnish government agency. You can log into this service via this link: The service supports sending invoices from many different countries and is available in a number of different languages.

Before you start to use the Basware Supplier Portal, you are required to register for the service. When registering, you can find the government agencies in the customer selection (Add Customer(s)) under Central government organisation Valtionhallinto.

verkkolaskutussivusto, valikko: valtionhallinto

The Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet) approves registration requests within 1–2 working days of the registration request being made in the portal. If you have any questions about starting to use the portal or creating invoices, please contact Palkeet by email at verkkolaskutus(at)

Target group: All
Core process: Supporting financial management
Published 2018-06-07 at  23:49 , updated 2018-08-22 at  9:38

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