When receiving invoices from agencies operating under the Finnish Government

Verkkolaskutus, kuvitus, lasku valtiolta

In Finland each electronic invoice sender and receiver has own representative called intermediator that can be a Finnish bank or operator which is responsible for handling and delivering sender and receiver’s electronic invoicing delivery process. These operators and banks have bilateral interconnection between each other (a four-corner model), which then composes so called open electronic invoice network. OpusCapita is the Finnish Government’s electronic invoicing service provider.

Four-corner model

  • Basic principle in four-corner model is that buers and sellers may use different operators (service providers)
  • Sellers and buyers have agreement with their chosen operator for message transfer
  • Operators take care of needed message conversions
  • Operators have bilateral agreement for interchange
  • Main practice is that interchange between operators is free of charge (however there are exceptions in this practice)
Four-corner model, verkkolaskutussivusto

Agencies operating under the Finnish Government are equipped to send electronic invoices both to foreign businesses, via the Peppol network, and also to those businesses whose electronic invoice service provider has an agreement with OpusCapita. Attachments can also be sent together with electronic invoices. If you are able to receive electronic invoices, you can provide your electronic invoicing address to the relevant agency or to the State Treasury at verkkolaskutus(at)valtiokonttori.fi.

Agencies operating under the Finnish Government do not send electronic invoices to customers’ own invoicing portals, nor do they send them as email attachments. If your service provider does not have an agreement with OpusCapita on sending electronic invoices and you are not in the Peppol network, a paper invoice can be sent instead.

Target group: Agencies and institutions
Core process: Supporting financial management
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