Tilha order management system


The Tilha electronic order management system is a shared order management system for government agencies and organisations.

Tilha enhances the efficiency of central-government procurement. All central-government product and service procurement will be carried out via Tilha in the future. This system will unify government order procedures, while digitising procurement and purchase invoice processing and enabling more-accurate monitoring and reporting related to consumption and the order portfolio.

The benefits of Tilha

  • Changes in procedures and the centralisation of procurement will improve organisational productivity.
    • Uniform procedures and processes will provide cost savings.
  • The ordering process will be unified, while purchase invoice handling processes will become easier; contract products can be ordered via product lists, easing order drafting and purchase invoice processing.
  • Invoices, orders, etc. will be electronically transferred between the accounting unit and the supplier, saving time and money.
  • The processes underlying order and purchase invoice handling can be unified and automated.
  • Invoices will be automatically matched if the order and invoice match.

  • Based on contracts that have been subjected to a bidding contest, it will be possible to enter products and services into product lists, thereby making them easier to order.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting on procurements carried out will enable improved monitoring of procurement.
  • Supplier management will become easier with the centralisation of procurement, meaning that the number of suppliers may be reduced.

The Tilha service

  • Provides agency customers with an electronic procurement proposal and order management, reporting for expenditure management and automatic matching of orders, and invoices in the Rondo invoice and document circulation and archiving service.
  • Provides suppliers with a free supplier portal that they can use to receive orders, as well as supply and maintain product lists.
  • Sends an email to any system users who have open tasks pending in the system.
  • Enables the integration of suppliers' own systems with Tilha via the Basware BT messaging service, as well as the creation of product lists or Punc-outs.
  • Will be offered to all suppliers of goods and services that the customer has selected by means of a bidding contest, and to central-government framework agreement suppliers that Hansel has selected by means of a bidding contest.

Tilha will be supplied to customers, as a comprehensive service that includes applications and future version updates. Tilha will be implemented in all central-government accounting units.

Further information on Tilha

> Tilha-service
paperiton (at) valtiokonttori.fi

Ms Ms Maarit Hovila: +358 295 50 3356

> Tilha-process
paperiton (at) valtiokonttori.fi

Mr Ville Hänninen: +358 295 50 3378

Ms Katja Koskinen: +358 295 50 3365


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Administrator support for Tilha customers

In the case of faults or defects, customers’ administrators can directly contact the Basware SaaS service. The organisation’s administrators will principally respond to service requests issued by agencies, while also forwarding service requests to the system supplier’s SaaS service, if necessary.

SaaS service contact information
Tel.+358 209 3410 244.
Email: saas.helpdesk(at)basware.com.
Open weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.


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