Services supporting personnel administration and management

“Tools in support of a good, unified government employer policy”

The State Treasury provides central government organisations with services supporting personnel administration and management. Such services have the objective of developing unified, high-quality practices for everyday activities within agencies. We coordinate and develop government personnel matters under the guidance of the Ministry of Finance. We play a part in ensuring that central government organisations have the personnel information required for management and the development of expertise.

In support of personnel management, we provide our customer organisations with service models, shared tools and information systems – as well as analysed information collected using them. We work to promote the functionality and wellbeing of work communities. In the event of organisational changes, we support the organisation's personnel and management. We participate in the practical implementation of jointly agreed ground rules for employer activities. A functional and efficient central government is a national success factor!

Published 2012-11-08 at  10:40 , updated 2012-11-22 at  13:10
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