Final report: Abstract

On 11 March 2016, the Ministry of Finance asked the State Treasury to investigate ways in which to strengthen HR management and human resources expertise. The State Treasury was tasked with submitting proposals for concrete operating practice reforms and changes to duties and powers that could harmonise development of expertise, HR processes and HR management, thus improving the productivity and effectiveness of government agencies and institutions as a whole.

The State Treasury collected development suggestions by interviewing 39 agen-cies in different administrative sectors, and by holding discussions with other group actors (Ministry of Finance, the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR, HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd) and the government's key agreement organisations. The State Treasury received a total of 1,033 development suggestions. On the basis of collected material and held discussions, the State Treasury will present 7 strategic policies that can help in strengthening HR management and human resources expertise in central government. The strategic policies comprise a total of 23 measures. These policies are:

  1. The government's uniformity as an employer must be strengthened taking into account the different forms of work and employment.
  2. The HR management package must be reorganised to support the core activities of government agencies and the implementation capacity of the central government.
  3. The role of HR must be adjusted so that instead of being an operative actor it is a strategic partner to management.
  4. Management culture must be built on a foundation of trust.
  5. Development of expertise is crucial in order to guarantee success.
  6. Information utilisation must be improved in HR management.
  7. HR administration must be streamlined and simplified.

The report also comments on other points of view presented during the work in areas such as human resources, the conditions for network-like activities, the duties of actors in central government and scheduling the implementation of proposed measures. The proposed measures presented in the report form an entity, and they are interdependent in a number of ways. The proposed measures can also be linked to numerous strategic policies, although in this report they are linked pre-dominantly to one policy. In order to achieve optimal effectiveness, the measures proposed in this report must be implemented as an entity.

Some of the proposed measures can be implemented immediately, while some will require amendments to legislation or to collective agreements and others will require changes to operating practices and culture. However, it is most important to begin reform of HR management swiftly, as this will support the objectives laid down in Prime Minister Juha Sipilä's strategic government programme regarding the improvement of legal provisions, the introduction of a culture of experimenta-tion and improvements to management and implementation.

Published 2016-10-05 at  10:29 , updated 2016-10-04 at  12:51
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