Kaiku Occupational Wellbeing Support Services

Competent and motivated employees are the main resource and result makers in any information-focused organization. Meaningful and significant work, a smooth functioning working community and an open and equitable culture are the main factors of motivation. In addition, the feeling of control achieved by performance and having reasonable challenges are fundamental factors in wellbeing.

The State Treasury has supported the occupational wellbeing of central government agencies and institutions since the 1980s. This was first known as “early rehabilitation,” and from 2002 as “Kaiku Occupational Services.” The aim is to establish wellbeing procedures as part of organization management and a working community’s everyday life in order to help insure that:

  • every member of the central government’s working community knows their duties and the objectives of these duties, as well as how the accomplishment of these objectives is measured objectively
  • every member of the working community has the knowledge to place their duties in the organization’s objectives and service capacity
  • every member of the working community is adequately supported in their duties and feels both themselves and their work to be valued
  • every member’s performance, experiences and strengths benefit from and shared, and performance is developed and resourced in a rational, planned and reasonable way
  • every member’s occupational wellbeing and health is taken care of
  • career, workplace, procedures and objectives are considered and developed together
  • every supervisor sees that the members of their unit or team have reasonable requirements regarding good work performance.

Our working field is based on the working community. We emphasize long-term development of both the working community and management strategy. Our aim is that procedures regarding wellbeing in the central government are part of personnel strategy and performance guidance, and that they set concrete objectives, the development of which is evaluated.

How to manage and be active in the working life of the baby boomer generation is currently a crucial topic. Above all, in the long term it is about creating certain values, attitudes and circumstances in order that everyone is motivated and can contribute to working life until they retire.

The Kaiku occupational wellbeing (OWB) survey

The State Treasury’s Kaiku occupational wellbeing (OWB) research surveys the working conditions of the central government’s employees. The study has been implemented every other year since the year 2000.

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