Rehabilitation options

Maintaining and improving the capacity to work are key aims with regard to labour market policies and the national economy. The ageing workforce, changes in work, the reduction in the number of personnel and the accelerated pace of work increase the need to promote working capacity and wellbeing at the workplace.

Rehabilitation is a socially and financially favourable method which supports staying on at work if an illness, injury or occupational disease threatens your capacity to work. It is important to seek rehabilitation when it seems likely that the illness, injury or occupational disease might cause disability in the near future.

Working arrangements support rehabilitees

The starting point for successful rehabilitation is that the workplace supports the employee’s capacity to work with the help of different working arrangements and possibly with further training, for example. If the workplace’s own means are insufficient, outside help is required to support the employee. That kind of help is primarily available from the occupational health service.

In accordance with the Pensions Act and the Employment Accidents Act persons can be supported to stay on at work through vocational rehabilitation. The rehabilitation carried out under the Employment Accidents Act can also include maintaining and promoting the capacity to work with medical rehabilitation.

Published 2012-12-04 at  15:57 , updated 2012-12-04 at  15:57
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