Annual review on central government debt management published  (2015-02-23)

The State Treasury has published its annual review on central government debt management.

The review focuses on central government debt management in 2014, providing an overview of the funding activities, cash management and the state of the Finnish economy.

“The mission of the State Treasury is to secure the liquidity and funding for the central government. The Republic of Finland will continue the funding strategy of issuing two new euro-denominated benchmark bonds in 2015,” Director of Finance Teppo Koivisto writes in the review.

In 2014, the realized net borrowing amounted to EUR 5.4 billion, while the on-budget gross borrowing totaled EUR 16.3 billion.

The financing programme for 2015 resembles that of last year, with the estimated gross borrowing amounting to EUR 16.3 billion.

Debt Management Annual Review is available online at and as a PDF version via the link below.
Debt Management Annual Review 2014 (pdf) >>

Target group: All
Core process: Financing activities
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