If an accident happens during your service

If you were injured in an accident during your service or became sick with an illness that was caused by your service, the Defence Forces or the place of your non-military service will take care of your treatment during your service.

After your service has ended, the State Treasury is responsible for the cost of the treatment for your injury or service-related illness as well as any other statutory compensations.

You are entitled to compensation from the State Treasury if your case meets the conditions laid down in the act on compensation for a military accident and service-related illness.

Watch the video on handling military accident matters at the State Treasury (in Finnish) >

How to apply for compensation

To receive the compensation, you must submit an application to the State Treasury. Follow this procedure:

1. Get the Notification of a Military Accident form from the compensation form page and fill in your details:

Compensation application forms (in Finnish, Sotilastapaturmat) > 

2. Start to use Suomi.fi Messages

Suomi.fi Messages is a secure way to communicate with the authorities and other organisations that use the service. When you use Suomi.fi Messages, the State Treasury’s services are quicker to use. You can contact the State Treasury’s customer services through Suomi.fi Messages.

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Things to remember

  • Obtain a sick note if you are unable to go to work or to study.
  • Remember that you will not receive your compensation from the State Treasury until after your service has ended.
State Treasury contact information
KP Puhelin ikoni Call between 9 a.m.– 12 a.m. tel. + 358 295 50 3060
KP sähköposti ikoni Send e-mail injuries.military (at) statetreasury.fi
KP Turvaposti ikoni Send securitized e-mail
KP asiointitili ikoni Use Suomi.fi-messages service

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