Rehabilitation and other benefits for front-line veterans and other groups with special needs

The State Treasury

  • gives compensation to Finnish local authorities for expenses incurred in the rehabilitation of front-line veterans;
  • is responsible for the rehabilitation of those who have served in war-time assignments in Finnish wars;
  • grants and pays front-line veterans’ allowance to foreign voluntary front-line soldiers who live in the former Soviet Union or in Finland;
  • gives compensation for the rehabilitation costs of front-line veterans living abroad.

Further information:

  • The State Treasury, Customer Service for military injury and war veterans’ services: tel. +358 295 50 3070
  • Rehabilitation of front-line veterans living abroad: Isto Uimonen, tel. +358  295 50 3258
  • Rehabilitation of groups with special needs and front-line veterans allowance, tel. +358 9 295 50 3070

Published 2012-12-13 at  12:18 , updated 2016-06-20 at  14:50
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