Compensation based on state liability

An error or an omission by a state employee or official may cause damages, which shall be compensated by the state in accordance with the Tort Liability Act (412/1974) or another special act.

State's liability for compensation for damages may also be grounded on strict liability independent from negligence.

The State Treasury is primarily responsible for processing claims for compensation for damages based on strict liability or an error or an omission by a state official.

However, in certain cases, the state official whose error or omission has resulted in material or property damage handles claims for compensation related to their actions.

Check here to find out whether the State Treasury or the authority that has caused the damages is responsible for processing your claim.

The State Treasury has no jurisdiction over matters involving damages caused by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice or the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Claims for compensation regarding these authorities must be submitted to them.

A decision on compensations by the State Treasury grounded on the Tort Liability Act is not subjected to appeal. If necessary, any party who has suffered damages may bring an action for compensation against the state in the Finnish courts of law in the order stipulated on civil disputes.

Claiming compensation

You can claim compensation with a free-form application.

Customer service: 9–12 tel. +358 (0)295 50 3740

Postal address: State Treasury, Claims for compensation, PO Box 50, FI-00054 VALTIOKONTTORI

E-mail: damages [at]

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