Compensation for material or property damage

A claim for compensation for material or property damage is handled by the authority responsible for causing the damage when the claim concerns:

  • Property damage caused by operations by the Finnish Defence Forces.
  • Damage caused by military crisis management. 
  • Damage caused by police operations.
  • Damage caused by the Finnish Border Guard operations
  • Damage caused by seizure of property.
  • Damage caused by land surveying measures or an error or an omission in registers maintained by the National Land Survey of Finland.
  • Damage caused by taxation
  • Damage caused by orders on custom duties, taxes and tolls collected by Finnish Customs
  • Damage caused by the maintenance of traffic routes 

Claims for compensation regarding personal damages and suffering caused by the operations of said authorities are also processed by the State Treasury.

Published 2015-03-02 at  9:20 , updated 2015-03-02 at  9:19
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