Damage caused via crime in another EU country

Compensation for damage caused by violent intentional crime in the territory of the European Union

In any Member State, in addition to the freedom of movement, the freedom from harm of a natural person from another Member State is protected on the same basis as that of nationals and persons residing there. Crime victims in the European Union should be entitled to fair and appropriate compensation for the injuries they have suffered, regardless of where in the European Community the crime was committed.

European Union Council Directive 2004/80/EC (hereafter the Crime Victim Directive) established a system of cooperation to facilitate access to compensation of victims of crimes in cross-border situations. The cooperation system is applied in the territories of the Member States to compensation for damage caused by violent intentional crime. The compensation is granted under the laws on compensation paid for crime damage which are in force in the country in which the crime was committed.

The system of cooperation ensures that the crime victim can always turn to an authority in their Member State of residence if they have been the victim of a violent intentional crime in a Member State other than that of residence. The system eases any practical and linguistic difficulties that arise in cross-border situations. The provisions incorporated in the system enable effective cooperation between the processing authorities and allow the crime victim to obtain the necessary information to claim compensation. In Finland, the competent cooperation authority is the State Treasury.

Claiming compensation

An applicant who is resident in Finland may submit an application to the State Treasury for compensation for damage caused by violent intentional crime in another European Union Member State.

Upon request, the State Treasury will provide the applicant with general guidelines and information on how the application should be completed and what supporting documents may be required.

Compensation may be claimed for damage caused by a crime which took place after 1 July 2005.

The compensation is paid by the competent authority of the Member State in whose territory the crime was committed.

Where can you get application forms?

The application is submitted using an application form issued by the country of commission. Forms are available from the State Treasury and from the authorities of the country of commission.

The stages of the application process


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