Paid compensation

The compensation received from elsewhere, will be deducted from the maximum amounts.

  • A maximum compensation paid for personal injury is 61,500 euros. Any regular instalments of compensation which are paid for loss of income or loss of maintenance are not included in the total amount.
  • A maximum total compensation paid for aches and pains and other temporary disability is 12,000 euros.
  • Compensation paid for loss of income may not exceed 150 euros per day.
  • Compensation paid to a person who is closely associated with the deceased may not exceed 6,000 euros.
  • Compensation paid to an employer for salary or equivalent remuneration costs may not exceed 150 euros per day.
  • Compensation paid for suffering may not exceed 3,600 euros. Compensation paid to a victim of a sexual crime for suffering may not exceed 9,500 euros. Compensation paid to a victim under 18 years old of a sexual crimefor suffering may not exceed 16,200 euros.
  • Compensation paid for property damage or financial loss may not exceed 31,000 euros.

No interest is paid on the compensation payable under the Act on Compensation for Crime Damage.

A basic deduction amounting to 220 euros is made from the total compensation payable to a person sustaining damage on the basis of a single case of damage. If compensation for a single case of damage is paid to several injured parties, the basic deduction is made from each compensation payment separately.

Generally, the State Treasury pays the compensation in accordance with the judgement passed by the court of law. If the State Treasury derogates in its decision from the judgement passed by the court of law on the compensation case, the Sate Treasury will include in its decision the grounds for the derogation. If the State Treasury does not pay compensation in the total amount specified in the judgement, the applicant is entitled to collect the difference as well as the legally imposed interest from the party that has caused the damage, for instance by initiating enforcement proceedings through the enforcement authorities.

Advance compensation
If the applicant requests, an he/she may receive advance compensation, if the processing of the case for compensation is delayed at the State Treasury for a reason that is outside the control of the applicant, and he/she is entitled to a significant amount of compensation.

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