When can compensation be paid from government funds?

A natural person or a death estate which has suffered damage as a result of crime is entitled to compensation.

A legal person is entitled to compensation onlyas the employer of the injured person 

  • as facility provider for those sentenced to community service or juvenile punishment or
  • as provider of a work experience facility

Compensation is paid for damage caused by a crime committed in Finland. Compensation is not, however, paid if the person sustaining the injury or damage is not at the time of lodging the application, and was not at the time of the offence, a domiciled in Finland or in another European Union member state, and if the connection of the damage to Finland is tenuous in other respects.

A person’s domicile is deemed to be in the state in which he/she lives, and in which his/her principal living environment is.


Published 2013-01-04 at  10:32 , updated 2013-01-04 at  10:28
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