Occupational accidents and diseases

As a state insurance institution, the State Treasury is in charge of the statutory accident insurance of government agencies. Statutory accident insurance security also covers occupational diseases which have arisen in government work.

Under the Occupational Diseases Act, an occupational disease is an illness which is in all probability caused primarily by a physical, chemical or biological factor whilst working. The most common occupational diseases include loss of hearing, rashes and lung diseases.

The Occupational Diseases Act also lays down provision for compensation due to certain pains in the upper limbs. These include de Quervain’s disease and epicondylitis medialis humeri (Golfer’s elbow).

Applying for compensation

If it is suspected that an employee’s illness is an occupational disease, the employee must primarily consult an occupational health physician.

The application for compensation from the State Treasury is initiated by the employer’s notification of an occupational disease.

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