Legal and pretrial investigation expenses

If you are a State employee, you can receive compensation for certain expenses for legal proceedings. You can also receive compensation for expenses for pre-trial investigations or other necessary expenses.

Conditions for receiving compensation are that:

  • action has been taken against you or you have been asked to pay compensation for erroneous action in the process of performing official duties or at work,
  • processing of the case has resulted in no sentence being passed by the court of law during the pre-trial investigation or consideration of charges
  • the action taken against you, or claim for damages has been rejected in a court of law.

Claiming compensation for legal expenses and pre-trial investigation expenses

You can apply for compensation for legal expenses and pre-trial investigation expenses with a free-form application to the State Treasury.

An application for compensation for legal expenses for a sentence passed by a court of law must include the applicant’s contact and bank details. The applicant must also sign the application. A copy of a summary of the judgement must also be attached to the application.

If you are applying for compensation for pre-trial investigation expenses, the decision on non-prosecution or any other corresponding statement and statements of expenses must be attached to the application.

When a judgement has been made on compensation and the State Treasury pays the compensation, the right to collect the compensation is transferred from the actual debtor to the State Treasury.

If the conditions for receiving compensation are otherwise fulfilled, compensation can be paid for necessary legal expenses even when no judgement has been passed on compensation. This is only the case if it is reasonable to expect compensation to be paid taking into account the circumstances of the applicant. The applicant’s contact and bank details and the reasons for the payment of compensation must be on the application form. The applicant must sign the application form and attach a copy of the summary of the judgement passed by the court of law.

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