Persons subjected to wrongful imprisonment and conviction

The State Treasury provides compensation for innocent people who have lost their freedom due to the action of authorities.

Conditions for obtaining compensation

If you have been arrested or imprisoned for a crime, you are entitled to receive compensation from the State for the loss of freedom, provided that:

  • the pre-trial investigation is concluded without pressing charges.
  • the charges are dropped or rejected.
  • you have been found guilty of a crime, but it is obvious that you should not have been arrested or imprisoned on the basis of this conviction.
  • there was no legal basis for your arrest or imprisonment.

You will not be entitled to compensation if you lost your freedom for less than 24 hours.

A person on whom a travel ban has been imposed is, where applicable, entitled to similar compensation for the restriction of their freedom.

What can you receive compensation for?

If your loss of freedom was unjustified, you may be compensated for the following:

  • expenses that you incurred as a result of your loss of freedom
  • loss of earnings or benefits
  • suffering
  • costs incurred for applying for compensation

The requisite evidence of damages caused must be attached to a claim for expenses and loss of earnings or benefits.

Act regulating compensation

Act on Compensation from State Funds for the Arrest or Detention of an Innocent Person (31.5.1974/422) in Finnish

How to apply for compensation

Attach to your application all documents that demonstrate the validity of your application or to which you would like to refer. These documents include:

  • a decision showing that the loss of freedom was unjustified, for example a decision by a court of law or the prosecutor's decision not to prosecute.
  • pre-trial investigation record.

You must apply for compensation within six months of the date on which

  • you found out that no action would be taken
  • the matter was dropped, or
  • the judgement passed in the proceedings was given legal force, annulled or removed.

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State Treasury contact information
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