Compensation for bodily injury

Everyone who has suffered bodily injury as a result of a traffic accident, including the parties responsible for the accident, have the right to receive compensation.

Compensation can, however, be reduced or rejected in accordance with the conditions of the Motor Liability Insurance Act.

The most common types of compensation for bodily injuries are:

  • hospital expenses
  • loss of income for the period of disability, disability pension
  • rehabilitation costs
  • temporary handicap
  • permanent handicap and permanent cosmetic damage
  • care allowance and increased home help expenses
  • clothing allowance.

In the event of death, we will cover reasonable funeral expenses and other expenses involved with the funeral arrangements. Compensation for the loss of maintenance can be payable to survivors who were entitled to maintenance from the deceased or were dependent on them for maintenance in some other way.

Compensation for traffic accidents on the way to work or at work must first be applied for from the insurance company with whom the employer has insured their workforce.

Published 2013-01-07 at  12:16 , updated 2016-12-23 at  9:21
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