Compensation for material damage

Damage to a vehicle and if necessary to any other property must be inspected by a vehicle damage inspector approved by the insurance company. Damage appraisals for the State Treasury are carried out by Finnish Loss Survey (SVT) Ltd.

Motor vehicle accidents
If a motor vehicle is damaged in a traffic accident compensation may be paid for the following:

  • repairs to the vehicle
  • one-off compensation based on the value of the car or the repairs
  • salvage compensation covering the market value of the car — in this case the ownership of the car is transferred to the State Treasury
  • towing fee for towing the car away from the site of the accident.

Compensation will also be paid for non-use on the basis of the number of days the car is not in use or the cost of a substitute car.

Use of a substitute car
Compensation for the use of a substitute car is only paid if there are sufficient reasons for requiring a car, or if a car is necessary in carrying out work or business or being without a car would otherwise cause unreasonable inconvenience.

Compensation is generally 94% of the cost incurred through using a substitute car which corresponds to the claimant’s own car. If compensation is required for using a substitute car, a statement of the claimant’s reasons for needing a car must be sent to the State Treasury on the form below.

Statement for requiring a car (.pdf/103k)


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