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The State's travel support service applies to trips that occur outside of Finland and that involve a person who is in an employment relationship with the state. The travel support service scheme also covers any trips outside the destination country by the person who is on an official journey. The coverage is valid without any regional restrictions for the entire duration of the official journey. The coverage therefore also applies to any vacations and personal trips that are done during an official journey.

The coverage is secondary in relation to any other statutory protection schemes that are based on the employment relationship.

For more detailed information on the travel protection scheme, see the Law on compensation for damage on state official journeys, 530/2017 (currently only available in Finnish) >. The State Treasury is responsible for the travel protection scheme from 1 January 2018 onwards.

If you require an insurance certificate for your visa application, please contact the State Treasury at [at]

Travel support service

Falck Global Assistance provides medical assistance for Finnish government travelers. You can upload Safeture Pro -app from Google Play -store. Falck Emergency Response Centre provides 24/7 assistance in English, Finnish and Swedish, at number +358 295 50 3777.  You can also choose to book a direct appointment to a Falck contract doctor/clinic. In most cases these contract doctors/clinics have a direct billing agreement with Falck. In the Finnish State Treasury medical assistance app you are able to search Falck contract doctors/clinics. - If the government number which starts with +358 29 does not work in your destination, use Falcks number +358 9 3747 7399.

Finnish State Treasury Customer Service Centre will assist you in other travel claims related cases at number +358 295 50 3700. You can file a claim for travel expenses you have paid for you selves, via an online claims form you can find from State Treasury medical assistance app or web-page.

Application for compensation for the State travel injuries and damages on our site for forms >

Descriptions of File >

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