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The responsibility for gathering municipal financial information will be transferred from Statistics Finland to the State Treasury in 2020. Similarly, the State Treasury will be responsible for gathering financial information on counties. In addition, the tasks related to maintaining registers and reporting financial information will be performed by the State Treasury.

To carry out these responsibilities, the Financial information service for municipalities and counties project was started in autumn 2016. The goal of the project is to build the operating models and systems required by the abovementioned tasks to implement the process. The project is a part of implementing the measures defined in the Municipal Data programme. The project will last until the end of 2019, and the production use of the information service will begin at the start of 2020.


The goal of the new information service is to promote the collection, storage and reporting of financial information for municipalities and counties so that the provided financial information is as current as possible, comparable and publicly available to all.


The information service will be owned by the State Treasury. The progress of the project will be directed and monitored by a steering group with members from the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Administration, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Tieke, and the CSC – IT Center for Science.

The project group will be responsible for the progress and actual implementation of the project. The project group includes members from the State Treasury and CSC.

Target groups and stakeholder groups of the service

The target groups of the service include municipalities, joint municipal authorities, unincorporated municipal enterprises and other balance sheet units as well as counties and their enterprises.

Other important stakeholder groups include the Ministry of Finance, other ministries, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Statistics Finland, political decision-makers, the media and citizens.

Information services

The information service will consist of several services.

The financial information transfer service will receive financial information from municipalities and counties in XBRL format.

The contents of the financial information will be validated in the approval service. Users from municipalities and counties will be able to see the review results, check the reports to see that the reported information is correct and finally approve their own financial information for publishing.

The financial information will be stored in the register service. The register will be an open interface where approved and published financial information will be available for everyone.

The reporting service will be a part of the Public administration's analysis and reporting service (in Finnish). The financial reports of municipalities and counties will be available there, including profit and loss account, financial statement etc. In addition, the analysis and reporting service provides information that has been combined from many sources and analysed. This also features an open interface.

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