Loans, guarantees and interest subsidies

The State Treasury administers the loans, interest subsidies and state guarantees granted by other government organisations. The State Treasury is responsible for measures following loan decisions, including loan payment appropriation, collection and guarantee management. The State Treasury’s duties also include legal collection, government debtor duties in cases of bankruptcy, debt settlement and business restructuring, risk management related to the credit and guarantee portfolio as well as financial revitalisation measures for Arava communities.

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  • Arava loans

    Arava loans have been granted for rental and right-of-occupancy housing communities and private individuals for the construction, acquisition and renovation of apartments.
  • Interest subsidies

    An interest subsidy loan is a loan issued by a bank on which an interest subsidy is paid from government funds.
  • State guarantees

    The State Treasury manages e.g. the state guarantees granted for mortgages.

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  • Product development loans

    The State Treasury manages loans granted by Business Finland.
  • Agricultural credits

    The State Treasury manages the loans and receivables of the agricultural sector that are separately defined in legislation.
  • Risk management

    The State Treasury’s tasks include comprehensive risk management of the managed loans and guarantees.

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