Loan payment

For each year of an industrial R&D loan, the State Treasury will request payment of the annual interest and the year’s repayment instalment on the principal on the date on which the first part of the loan was drawn.

For capital R&D loans, it is the duty of the company’s auditors to establish whether the balance sheet presented to the Annual General Meeting for approval allows interest or repayment instalment to be paid that particular year in accordance with the conditions of the loan agreement. This is determined in connection with the regular annual audit.

In the case of a capital R&D loan, the interest and repayment instalment must be paid within 45 days of the date on which the Annual General Meeting confirmed the amount of interest and the repayment instalment. After receiving the invoice, the State Treasury sends the above-mentioned auditor’s report and other necessary financial statement documents.

If it has not been possible to pay the interest on a capital R&D loan according to the payment schedule, the outstanding interest will be carried over to forthcoming financial years until the interest is paid in full.

Published 2012-11-26 at  10:43 , updated 2017-06-21 at  14:22
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