Loan withdrawing

The loan decision received from Tekes will be processed by the State Treasury. The State Treasury drafts a loan document on the basis of the decision and sends the document to the customer.

The borrower must sign the loan document and forward this and the following enclosed details and documents to the State Treasury

  • billing address
  • name and contact information (address, telephone numbers, e-mail address) of the person handling the loan
  • a certified extract or certified copy of the minutes of the company's Board meeting at which the decision to take out a loan was made
  • an original or electronic extract from the trade register that is no more than 3 months old.

The State Treasury pays the first instalment as an advance payment on the basis of Tekes' written permission after the signed loan document, along with the required annexes, have been returned to the State Treasury.

The borrower reports the progress of the project to Tekes, which then processes the report and decides on the amount of the loan to disburse. Tekes sends this information to the State Treasury, which then disburses the amount to the borrower.

Tekes should be notified of any change to a bank account number. The notification may be made using the form 'Form for acceptance of funding decision (companies)', which can be found on the Tekes website.

Published 2012-11-23 at  14:58 , updated 2018-01-12 at  16:09
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