Taking out a loan

Once Business Finland has made a decision on granting a loan, the State Treasury will send the applicant instructions on how to take out the loan.

Signing the loan note

First, the borrower must book an appointment for signing the loan note at the State Treasury. Appointments can be booked by calling 0295 50 2530 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can sign the loan note at a Notary Public at a register office. However, you should first contact the State Treasury in order to allow us to send you the loan note via mail for signing.

The original loan note, signed at the Notary Public, along with its appendices must be returned by post to the State Treasury.

Supplying information

In addition to the signed loan note, the borrower must provide the State Treasury with the following information:

• invoicing address
• name and contact details of the person managing issues related to the loan (address, telephone numbers and e-mail address)
• a certified extract or certified copy of the minutes of the company's Board meeting at which the decision to take out a loan was made
• an original or electronic extract from the trade register that is no more than three months old.

Paying the first instalment of the loan

The State Treasury shall pay the first instalment of the loan as an advance after the loan note has been signed in the State Treasury or at a Notary Public and all the necessary documents have been supplied to the State Treasury.

The borrower must report on the progress of the project to Business Finland, who will then decide on paying the following instalments based on these interim reports and inform the State Treasury of the amount to be paid. The State Treasury will pay the amount specified in the decision to the borrower.

Change of account number

You must inform Business Finland of any changes to your account number. You can make the notification by using the form ‘Approval of Funding Decision, Business R&D Funding’.

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