D9 Team experts help in the development of customer-friendly public services   (2017-06-09)

Digitalisaation tuki D9

The State Treasury's D9 Team will begin its work in full force this March when the team will have eight members. The D9 Team's members work as internal advisers at the State Treasury. They speed up the digitalisation of public services by providing support and expertise in the carny through of digitalisation projects. 

"In March, the D9 Team will roll up its sleeves and begin its work to promote the digitalisation of the central government. Our task will be to ensure a good customer experience: we will support eh development of public services from the perspectives of their customer's life events and needs. A good customer experience also necessitates the effective use of information over administrative boundaries," explains team leader and Digi-Director Nina Nissilä.

In December-January, there were six vacant positions on the D9 Team Around 200 applicants applied for these positions.

"An exceptional group of professionals and ardent public administration developers have been selected to the D9 Team. Some of the team members have worked in public administration while others have experience in the private sector. The team encompasses experience in the carry through of restructuring projects, the development of customer-oriented services, service architecture and service design," Nina Nissilä says.

The name D9 refers to the nine principles of digitalisation, which form the basis for the development of public services.

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