Data protection at the State Treasury

Data protection at the State Treasury

In all its personal data protection activities, it is the objective of the State Treasury to ensure that the rights of data subjects are enforced and that personal information is processed according to legislation and the State Treasury data protection principles. At the State Treasury, personal information is processed for instance for managing various affairs related to compensations, loans and guarantees as well as employer tasks.

At the State Treasury, personal information is processed in accordance with the law, appropriately and transparently for the data subject. It is collected for specific legal purposes, and only to the extent which is necessary for the processing purposes.

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The State Treasury has a Data Protection Officer appointed by the Director General. The Data Protection Officer is in charge of providing advice and instructions on obligations under data protection provisions. The State Treasury Data Protection Officer is Eija Louhelainen.

All individuals have the right to know whether the State Treasury processes their personal information.

You will receive this information by filling in and signing the form attached and by sending it to the State Treasury at the following address:

Sörnäisten rantatie 13, Helsinki, PO Box 14, FI-00054 STATE TREASURY.

Instructions for filling in the form are available at the end of the form. We currently do not accept information requests by e-mail or by telephone.

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