This section for media contains e.g. the contact details of the Communications unit and an image bank, from which you can download photos of the management board and the building of the State Treasury.

Contact details of Communications

Sörnäisten rantatie 13, Helsinki
P.O. Box 14

Switchboard: +358 295 50 2000
Fax: +358 295 50 3333


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Press contacts

Director General of the State Treasury
Timo Laitinen

Services for Citizens

Head of Division Jyri Tapper

Deputy Director Hans Ranta-aho: war veterans' services

Head of Legal Affairs Pekka Syrjänen: crime damages, compensations for innocent people who have lost their freedom due to the action of authorities

Deputy Director  Satu Vallivaara: compensations

Deputy Director Hannu Korkeala; and Public Service Info

Senior Lawyer Marjukka Vallioniemi: inheritances of people who have died without heirs

Senior Lawyer Ruut Kastepohja-Seppälä: exemption from payment owed to the government


Head of Division Lasse Skog

Programme Director Martti Kallavuo

Development Manager Seija Friman


Head of Division Teppo Koivisto

Deputy Director Anu Sammallahti: funding and liquidity management (market operations related to central government funding and liquidity management)

Deputy Director Mika Arola: risks and strategy (credit ratings, risk control)

Deputy Director Sakari Lehtiö: government loans, guarantees and interest subsidies

Financial and Personnel Administration

Head of Division Mikko Kangaspunta

Administrative Affairs and Development

Deputy Director Maritta Fromholtz

Risk Management Director Juha Pietarinen

Information Resources Management

IT Director Tomi Poikola

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