The duties and key processes of the agency

The State Treasury develops and provides services for the central government.

The State Treasury helps central government agencies and institutions achieve savings in their operating expenses and boost productivity growth by offering and developing smooth and efficient internal services and processes. The State Treasury develops services and processes in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR, and with its customers.

The services managed by the State Treasury are:

  • Government financing activities (e.g. central government debt management)
  • Government’s central bookkeeping, accounting and payment transactions
  • Provision and reporting of central government-level financial information
  • Central government-level financial administration processes and information systems
  • Insurance coverage matching government agencies and institutions’ statutory accident insurance coverage and the related employer services.
  • Support for activities designed to maintain the working capacity of central government employees
  • Promoting knowledge-based management in central government

Another significant operating area of the State Treasury is to provide services for private citizens and communities. These services include:

  • Compensation for military injuries
  • Criminal damages and compensation for wrongful imprisonment, compensation for certain special groups, and other compensation
  • Information services for citizens (Netra).
  • Exemption decisions
  • State inheritances.

The State Treasury has office in Helsinki. We employ around 300 people.

The State Treasury’s key processes are:

  • Financing activities
  • Supporting financial management, shared financial administration and its development
  • Promoting knowledge-based management in central government
  • Services for citizens and communities
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